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Pario 360 Degree Feedback

Pario 360 degree feedback is easy to use, with tailored, automated emails and reminders.The Control Panel offers a choice of features, including options to design bespoke questionnaires and reports.

Some of the key features include:

  • Simple Administration, with automated emails & reminders
  • Options for fully tailored questionnaires and reports
  • The option to target specific questions to different groups 
  • Excel Import of names, saving time on large 360 setup
  • Group Reports based on filters defined by the Client

Managers are kept closely involved in the 360 and can be notified of outstanding respondents (as follow-up after the standard emails and reminders).

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Create 360 degree feedback that causes your employees to make a move on self-awareness.

Pario Coaching Tools has been created to help individuals who need to execute or strengthen their client driven procedure. Coaching Tools for Managers is one of a kind and custom-made methodology that isn't restricted to get-together and examining clients' input. Organize and transform ideas into activities through 360 degree feedback channel. Settle on information driven choices dependent on what is most significant to your clients.

At Pario Coaching Tools, we accept consumer loyalty is in excess of a measurement – it's a culture. To do as such, we continually build up our Management Coaching Tools.

To see a demonstration 360 questionnaire click here: