About Us

Pario Coaching Tools is part of Pario Innovations (Business Psychologists) based in the UK, with Associates in Africa, Australia, India, Scandinavia and elsewhere in Europe. We run accreditation training courses for Clients and Associates to support interpretation and feedback linked to Pario questionnaires.

Pario Online Resources include questionnaires for coaching/executive development and team building, including tailored 360 degree feedback. We also design Commitment & Motivation Profiling Surveys focused on factors affecting well-being, high performance and productivity at work.

Organizations that have benefitted from Pario Professional Profiling and fully tailored Pario 360 Degree Feedback include:

Associates have direct access to online resources. The Pario system is automated and easy to use. 

Executive Coaching London, Executive Coaching Handbook

PARIO COACHING TOOLS: Diagnostic Coaching Tools and Techniques

We offer clients and associates the executive coaching handbook and support from our office - executive coaching London. The Pario resources support training, mentoring and coaching - and also facilitation of workshops and team-building. The diagnostic coaching tools and techniques are suitable for a wide range of organizations. The resources enable managers, leaders and other professionals to enhance their skills and improve organizational leadership. Progress can be viewed in the context of personal connections, and improved management of work relationships.

Get insights on 7 Principles for Exceptional Performance ...download the Kindle book. It includes notes on executive coach training and diagnostic coaching tools and techniques.