Pario Coaching Tools add insight and focus to Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. The resources include Pario Professional Profiling, with in-depth analysis of work preferences, and Pario 360 Degree Feedback, which is easily administered and can be tailored to requirements. Also see the book, "Seven Principles for Exceptional Performance". Click here for more information.

Organizations and Associates benefit from access to a range of online resources, with automated emails and follow-up reminders being used to simplify delivery. Executive Coaching Tools, Executive Coaching Techniques, Leadership Coaching Tools, Coaching Tools and Techniques, Executive Coaching Tools and Techniques.

Coaching Skills, Performance Management Software, Executive Coaching Techniques

Gain New Coaching Insights

Coaching Tools enable you to gain useful, new knowledge and also develop organizational culture. Create fresh insight in your coaching with coaching tools and techniques at PARIO COACHING TOOLS.

PARIO COACHING TOOLS aims to assist coaches - managing time effectively and focusing energy in organizations through leadership coaching tools, including 360 degree feedback and surveys.

The executive coaching tools and techniques enhance coaching skills at all levels. We have associates around the world, offering both conventional and online support. Activities that build on PARIO COACHING TOOLS include world-class leadership development, accelerating the progress of individuals, teams and organizations. The online training enables you to develop skills and access coaching tools and techniques from any location.

We see a reality where anybody, in any location, has access to a world class learning experience.

PARIO COACHING TOOLS is at the forefront of new thinking, reflected in the coaching resources and leadership books. The executive coaching techniques and executive coaching tools are applicable to all professionals, in both the public and private sector. The focus is all-inclusive, with easily administered online tools.


We give performance management software a new focus with fully tailored design options. This allows work preferences to be explored and blind-spots identified. 7 Principles for Exceptional Performance also enhance executive coaching and leadership development skills.

Pario Associate Opportunities

Are you a work coach focusing on performance issues? Register as a Pario Associate and get access to the resources! Subscription starts at just £97 a month, which includes to 360 degree feedback, work preference profiling and online leadership development tools. An initial payment of £147 includes online accreditation training and 2 months FREE membership. The monthly subscription can be cancelled at any time after the initial 2 months.

Email support@ParioCoachingTools.com to arrange Pario accreditation training & membership.

Find out more in 7 Principles for Exceptional Performance

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Profiling Work Preferences

Pario Professional Profiling offers insight into important aspects of work behaviour and motivation.

360 Degree Feedback

Pario 360 degree feedback is easy to use with automated emails doing most of the work.

Online Leadership Course

The Leadership Course offers individually tailored content plus the option of one-to-one  Coaching.

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